Metering Cores

Our DC immune tape wound cores for Smart Meters are based on the nanocrystalline material NANOPERM® LM.

Compared to conventional Metering cores the NANOPERM® LM products show following benefits:

  • High linearity over the whole primary current range
  • Easy to compensate
  • Very low temperature drift
  • DC immune acc. to IEC 62053; EN 50470-3
  • Ready for the next regulation update reg. supplementary Power Factor conditions

Standard designs for Core finishing:

  • Plastic box (material UL listed, QMFZ2 E41938)
  • CT Cores with other dimensions or permeability levels are also available upon request as well as complete wound CT Components (see checklist).


Ip max:  Max. AC Primary Current
Idc, max:  Max. half wave rectified AC amplitude without saturation
φ(I):  Max. Phase Error for I < Ip,max
L:  Nom. Inductance for I < Ip,max
Rcu:  Winding resistance
Rb:  Recommended Burden Resistor, so Ub is ca. 0,3 V