Common Mode Cores


  • High initial permeability has bigger insertion loss compared to ferrite and the inhibiting effect is far larger to weak interference than ferrite;
  • higher inductance can be obtained with smaller size magnetic core and less coils;
  • High saturation magnetic induction intensity (Bs = 1.2 T), strong anti-saturation W;
  • Fine frequency and resistance value are higher than with ferrite;
  • High Curie temperature, good temperature stability;
  • Outstanding unbalanced current resistance;
  • Low eddy-current loss, low temperature rise.

The common mode choke is an important part of anti-electromagnetic interference, which can provide very high impedance at a broadband condition. The main part of most of EMI filters is the common mode choke. Two winding turns of common mode choke are the same, producing equal flux in opposite direction. These two fluxes offset each other and bring the magnetic core in an unbiased state.

Application areas:

Switch power, UPS uninterruptible power, transducer, EMC filter, inverter welding machine, wind power, photovoltaic inverter, air conditioner, copier, medical equipment, etc.